20 before 20: how did I do?

September 12, 2013
Last year with my birthday, I made a 20 before 20 list. (I can't freaking believe I'm already turning 20 but that aside.) Not everything went as planned (or hoped) but I feel like I still did alright. Read on for the results.

1. Done! As you probably all know already I went to the US. I still have some posts about it coming up so I need to play catch up soon! I can't believe it's already a month ago..

2. Done! I've read lots of books this year but there were a couple of months I didn't read as much as I would've liked. Overall I've read way more than 12 books though! I'll share everything I read in a follow-up post.

3. Half-done? I'm not even sure what I meant anymore.. I'm a picky eater and it's hard to learn to eat more things. I do try to taste everything but sometimes it just smells or looks too bad! There's one thing that worked it's way up to my favorites though this year (which I was not even fond of before) and that's mussels!

4. Fail. It doesn't matter though because I've made an expensive trip already. Who knows, maybe next year!

5. Fail. It seems I'm not doing so good.. I started working out a couple of times throughout the year but never kept up with it. I'll be honest: I'm just too lazy. I can always think of something better to do.. This is something that goes on this year's list too though, I really have to make an effort. In fact, while preparing this post, I just stopped typing and did a Blogilates workout, win!

6. Done! I originally wanted to take a class but there are not many (affordable) options near me. I did read lots of posts and experimented with manual mode. It's obviously only the basics but I'm on my way.

7. Fail. Read more here. I'm starting an English-German linguistic study in a couple of days and I'm really excited! Also, it means the language on this blog will probably improve a lot haha.

8. Fail. I kind of stepped away from that idea, it's just not necessary. I've come to terms with this little blog and the fact that you're not a bad blogger if you don't post several times a week. I only blog when I feel like it now and it's way more fun.

9. Half done.. I started to keep an online journal which I like a lot. I haven't done much art journaling but I don't think I'm that good at it so this is something I'm not sorry about. I think snail mail is way more fun. Although I can't really help myself if I come across some neat supplies at ikea.. (See above)

10. Double done! You can see the first one here (that's not the finished result though, see that here) and the second one here.

11. Done! Kind of a weird way of formulating but I've found some real gems the past year and I don't come home with useless clutter anymore.

12. Fail. I've searched and found some cool ones but they were too expensive. Still hunting though!

13. Done! We haven't seen each other every week but that's not necessary for me. The point is I've made an effort to see people and that's good. I've enjoying spending more time with friends and I'm definitely going to continue doing so.

14. Fail. I did go to the same festival I went to last year but again no money for anything else. This is one for next year though.

15. Done! I didn't do a lot but I did try a couple. And I liked it! Definitely going to continue this, I should even make it a habit. DIY Sunday or something like that haha.

16. Fail. This is probably the one I regret the most haha. It might seem like a silly 'goal' but I REALLY want to hold and pet a cute pug, they are my second-favorite pet (sphynxes are my first ofcourse). Definitely going on to next year!

17. Fail. Not necessary because I can't work with it anyway haha. Plus, there are plenty of good free editing programs available too, for the moment I'm using Picasa and Pixlr, easy and free.

18. Half-done. At least I can sew on a button.. I am going to alter a skirt with my grandma's help though so I'll hope I'll be able to show you the results soon.

19. Done. I did so just now, after my summerjob. I set apart a huge chunk and I'm going to try not to touch it unless for emergencies (and note to myself: designer bags are not emergencies).

20. DONE! I can honestly say I'm feeling good and not insecure at all. Except for that one time in the month, you know.. But really, I'm very happy with the progress I made. Body image is such a weird thing, it can be hard to really accept everything about yourself. I'm at the point where I don't want to lose weight or I don't think I look wrong etc. This was definitely my biggest goal and the one I'm most happy about.

It probably doesn't seem like I could check off a lot but it does feels that way. Even though it was a hard year schoolwise and I had to make a few hard decisions, I still think this was a good year. I'm curious and excited for my twenties! Did you check off some of your goals recently?


  1. Wauw, ik vind toch dat je het goed hebt gedaan! Ik ben zelf ook bezig aan mijn 22 before 23 lijstje en 'the progress' kan je vinden op mijn blog. ben aardig op weg, maar vrees dat ik ook niet alles weggevinkt krijg hoor! :) Hopelijk kan je volgend jaar de goals die je nog niet hebt gehaald wel doen!

  2. Oh en: ik kan alleen maar volmondig akkoord gaan met je mening over het consistent bloggen. Vooral gewoon posten wanneer jij er zelf zin in hebt, en niet zoveel keer per week omdat 'die blogger' dat ook doet. Het belangrijkste is dat het voor jezelf leuk blijft :)


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