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September 15, 2013
Here's the second part of my shoplog, this time in pictures! I bought a few things that neither fit in beauty nor fashion so: miscellaneous. I'm including the couple pieces of jewelry I bought as well.

I ordered a Kindle when I was staying with my boyfriends family and turns out I love it. I love books and I'd rather buy 'real' books but sometimes it's not worth the money. For example, I kind of like to read chicklits from time to time but do you really need those on your bookshelves? Or when you go on a trip, you don't want to lose space in your bags with all those heavy books, right? I'm really really happy with it! I just bought the most simple (and cheap) version and I've read a dozen or so books on it already.

A hairbrush from Forever 21. It's pink with cats, enough said. Oh and it was only $2 or something like that.

Also in Forever 21, I bought two little jewelry displays which are adorable! I think one was $4 and the other $7. I'm keeping rings on both of them and I love them! It doesn't even look cluttered, it just looks cute.

In Chicago we went to a comic book store and I bought the fifth paper tradeback of the Walking Dead. I'm collecting all of those and I bought the two latest trips at the time as well.

I got a mason jar at Urban Outfitters because we honestly don't have them here. I forgot to take a decent picture though but you can see it here. And be honest, even if you think it's hipster, it's just pretty to drink out of a jar. The only problem is, you can't drink from it when you put the lid on it because there's not enough air haha. Also at UO, these hairchalks! I almost bought some on ebay a couple of months ago but didn't and I couldn't pass them up this time. They were $8 I think and I still need to test them but it's probably pretty fun for a party. (The purple one was broken when I opened it.)

This is the jewelry I bought. I bought the bracelet in a souvenir shop in a tiny village somewhere and the owner said she bought it in Thailand. The necklace is from Forever 21. I bought a fox ring in F21 as well but couldn't really find it at the moment, I hope I didn't lose it already!

In another tiny village, we came across this supercool shop stuffed with loads of quirky things and I wanted to take everything with me! I bought the Listography book and I'm making it a habbit to fill in one page every evening.

Last but not least, I bought two vinylmations to add to my mini collection. Both have a fun story for me. We bought Lumiere in a mall near Chicago. My boyfriend really wanted Lumiere but they are in blank boxes so you can't see which one you'll get. So we stood there forever, deciding which box we were going to take and my boyfriend was trying to use his magical powers and TADAH, Lumiere!

In New York, we wanted to buy a second one from Beauty and the Beast but couldn't find the series in the store on Times Square so I thought I'd take one home that represented New York. I had one in my hands with just 'New York' written on it and we went to pay. But the cassier showed us the one portraying the Statue of Liberty, which was limited edition and there were only a couple of them left (+ it had a shiny pretty box). So obviously I bought that one. Turns out, it was for half the price too! You can't believe how happy I was haha.

That's a wrap folks! There will be a third part with all of the clothes (and shoes) I bought. I'm not sure if I will be doing a video again though because I don't think people like it that much. What do you think, video or pictures? Or a video where I show everything put on?


  1. I love my Kindle too.
    Oh, and lovely jewelry displays! So cute.
    I really like that Listography book. Would come handy for me these days. :)

  2. Oh zalige aankopen! Die armband en ketting zijn echt heel mooi. En zo schattig die beeldjes onderaan haha :D

  3. Fun! I love the Vinylmations. Isn't Forever21 cool? It's the closest I can get to Primark over here.



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