As if you just woke up (ootd)

October 26, 2013

This has been my outfit from the past couple of days, or weeks even. I'm constantly wearing this coat and hat and everything black and white, kind of boring actually! I guess I just haven't been into colours lately. I do like this though, very simple. But I really have to go take advantage of the fall extravaganza that's happening, everything is so pretty! I hope I can convince my boyfriend to take a stroll though a park or something.

pants: Levi's | sweater: Tom Tailor | coat and scarf: H&M | hat: Carhartt | shoes: Converse | shirt: F21 | watch: Michael Kors
- pictures by my niece Jitske

What have you been up to lately? I'm so relieved I finally have a week off from school even though I'll probably have to work everyday to catch up. Busy times! We're finally watching the Great Gatsby tonight (way overdue) and probably nothing else. I love lazy weekends, they're the best. My nephew is turning 18 tomorrow so that's exciting. I was always the oldest (grandkid) growing up and it's weird to see everyone growing up so fast. Ofcourse, don't talk to my grandma about is, she was already losing her mind when I turned 10 and now I'm 20 already haha.

Signing off for the day. By the way, leave your blogs so I can read them! And what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Superleuk met die muts, en echt een mooie jas, ik ben fan!


  2. I love those old buildings as your backdrop! Cozy, cozy outfit; very cute!
    I don't have plans this weekend, just working, but I'm off Monday & Tuesday, so looking forward to the weekend being over, haha! Have fun celebrating your nephew's bday!

  3. Zalige outfit, echt stoer :) die jas vind ik heel mooi! En ja Michael Kors horloge ook prachtig natuurlijk, ben zotjaloers! En oooh jij hebt een week vakantie, ik enkel vrijdag vrijdag helaas :( Dus voor mij wordt het een weekje lesvolgen nog, maarja ook veel feestjes natuurlijk :p

  4. ooh das ziet er zo'n gemakkelijke, zalige outfit uit.
    Enja mss wel een beetje 'saai' maar vergeet niet: less is more ;)

  5. Ik vind je jas echt ontzettend leuk!
    Heel je blog trouwens!

  6. Je ziet er super uit! Gaaf jasje en beanie!

    X Laura

  7. leuke outfit! love the beanie. x

  8. Black and white is NOT boring! Loving your coat. :-)



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