Beauty tip; Kiehl's açai cleanser

October 29, 2013

I have a quick tip for you today: the Kiehl's açaí Damage-Minimizing Cleanser. A couple of weeks ago I went into the Kiehl's store for a skin analysis and I got set up with a whole range of skinproducts. I decided to start with the basics and only take this one home (since you know, Kiehl's isn't exactly cheap). It has been a lifesaver for my skin!

I have quite a greasy skin and always a breakout or two and after using this product for a while, my skin has honestly never looked better. Plus, it's a fun product to use, I love liquids that turn into foam haha. You make your face wet, gently massage it in, remove the rests with a tissue and you're done. The only negative thing is the price which is €27. But I have to add that over a month, I haven't even used up half a centimeter of product because you need so little. And I use it every morning and evening so let's say I've used it 60 times already, this is going to last a while!

I suggest paying a visit to the Kiehl's store, I'm superhappy with the recommendations I got. Do you have any skinproblems you'd like to fix?


  1. Je hebt er trouwens een volger bij :)!

  2. Zoveel tips dat ik hier online al gelezen heb, echt niet te doen :) de wondere wereld van het internet.

  3. Leuke tip! Klinkt als een heerlijke cleanser!

    X Laura


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