Birthday presents galore

October 02, 2013

As you might've read, Sunday was my birthday. I got way too many awesome presents (and money) so I thought I could show them today.

I got two big and expensive gifts, both from one of my favorite designers, Michael Kors. My parents bought me the bag and they were supersneaky about it. When I went to the supermarket with my mother earlier this week, she pointed out that they already got me my sweet new kitty so I wouldn't be getting another present. And I actually believed her! I was really surprised when I got the bag and I'm so grateful, they truly are the best parents I could wish for.

I bought the watch myself when I was in the US because my grandparents gave me money to pick something out. Ofcourse I had to give it to them when I arrived in Belgium so they could give it to me again on my actual birthday haha! I really love it, finally I'm the proud owner of my very own MK watch.

These are the most fun gifts and you might recognize them from my birthday wishlist. My aunt immediately ordered me the catopoly (she had to buy one for my niece as well obviously) and the cute little vacuum cleaner. I'm looking forward to playing the game this weekend, my boyfriend promised me he would play it once with me (it's so below his boyish standards haha).

My boyfriend actually got me something you don't see here but he wanted to buy me some little things as well. I got this delicious tea and a cute teamonkey. Oh and a facescrub because I had been looking for that for a while.

Friends from my parents (which I think are really cool) got me this necklace and these earrings. Even though they haven't know me for a long time, they knew exactly what I would like. It's awesome when you get unexpected things you love. - I don't think international readers will know this but my (other) grandma gave me this book. It's about a famous quiz on Belgian television. (Which I obviously love.)

I'm really happy with everything I got and I want to thank everyone who thought of me and got me something. You're all incredible! My birthday itself was pretty fun by the way, I invited everyone over to eat some hamburgers and it was delicious. 


  1. Heel leuke cadeautjes! Vooral die tas, wauw! Cat-opoly lijkt me enorm tof :)

  2. Alsnog gefeliciteerd met je 20e verjaardag!! En wat je super cadeautjes gehad, vooral de tas *drool*

  3. Heel mooie MK tas, zo'n neutrale kleur ga je zeker veel kunnen dragen :) Heel leuke ketting ook!


  4. sounds fun! cute gifts, & that game looks delightful!

  5. This looks like an amazing birthday haul!! Love it all you lucky girl!


  6. wat een super mooie cadeaus! die MK items <3
    en soo cute de mini hetty :D

  7. Aaaaah die Catopoly! Ik ben zo benieuwd naar hoe TOF en GEWELDIG en AWESOME dat spel moet zijn, haha! Ik wil het elke week wel komen spelen met u, als ge geen andere vrijwilligers vindt ;-) Ook superleuke andere kadootjes trouwens :) Die vrienden van uw ouders: zo lief dat ze aan u gedacht hebben! Nogmaals gefeliciteerd!

  8. Oh, verjaardagen, they're the best :-D Ik hoop dat de tijd nooit overgaat dat we zo leuke cadeautjes krijgen, no to boring gifts!


  9. Wat een mooie tas! En hele leuke blog. Ik ja je volgen! XO

  10. Love your blog, so cool! I'm your new follower on GFC.


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  11. Omg Michael Kors!! Prachtige tas ik wil die ook! :D

  12. Hihi wij hebben inderdaad bijna hetzelfde cadeau gekregen van onze mama's :D

  13. Ik ben opslag verliefd geworden op je tas... Sorry! Haha. Nee, maar hij is echt heeeeeeel mooi! Leuke cadeau's meid! Ik ben woensdag jarig, en ben zo benieuwd wat ik krijg! liefs.

  14. Catopoly?!?! Can I play. so cute

    xx Missy


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