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October 06, 2013

A couple of weeks ago already, I got to attend my first event by UPR called The Big You 4. I know I'm really late with this but hear me out: I forgot my camera. How are you supposed to do a post about an event when you don't have any pictures? Thank god I have some collegue bloggers with awesome photographs to steal ;). I thought many of you would be curious for the goodiebag and I did take plenty of pictures of that, so here it goes. (I'm linking to some of my instagram pictures as well).

When we got at the venue, we got a button with our blognames, really cool and superhandy to put names to all those faces. The premise was to walk around and have a little talk and a fun experience at each stop which represented a brand. We started at Swarovski. We could try on a piece of jewelry of the new collection and in the evening, someone could win a beautiful piece locked up in that trunk. Swarovski gifted us a beautiful pink notebook.

Our second stop was Pronails. We were allowed to use everything for a nail art. I only did one nail because I had liquid sand nailpolish on (bitch to take off) and I chose a cute skull sticker. We went home with a beautiful grey matte nailpolish (or a blue one, you could choose) and nailart studs.

At Zalando, we got to take a look at the new collection which has a little rock and grunge vibe to it. They even brought La Claire with them to give everyone some fake ink. I chose a big and bold one with roses. I posted a picture on my facebook and I got loads of questions about it (a lot of people thought it was real). We walked away with a cute scarf with birds in a cute totebag. (See the picture on top.)

Pepe Jeans celebrated it's 40th birthday this year and so we tried to take a crazy partypicture.

At l'Occitane, we were welcomed by the most amazing smell of their new perfume for the holidays. It smelled so nice and fresh, it's definitely on my wishlist for Christmas (yes I already have a Christmas wishlist). L'Occitane spoiled us so so much, look at all the awesome things we got. I've been using the shower oil for the past weeks and I love it so much. 

I had never heard of Sodastream before but I quite like the concept. Basically you can turn water into some yummy lemonade or just add a subtle taste to it. I tried lemon at the event and went home with pear and pomegranate. I'll probably be able to use these little bottles for a long time as you only need a couple of drops each time.

The workshop at Veritas sure was something. We could choose between knitting or crocheting. I chose crocheting and some lovely wool with lots of different colours. It was so freaking hard, I had no idea! I think I only finished about 10cm in about 40 minutes! At first, I ment to make a beanie but with a little (okay, a lot) of help from my grandma, we made this adorable jacket for my cat. They're always cold so this is perfect (and no she doesn't mind). We also got some cute shaping underwear. I haven't tried it on yet so I really hope it fits! 

At Sennheiser, there was a little pop-up karaoke bar. Kind of awkward but still fun to test those beautiful headphones.

Our last stop was Illy where we thought about something that made us happy. For me it's the little things that make life special. We got a limited edition coffee tin as well.

I had an amazing time at my very first event. I want to thank Aurelie for letting me drive with her and the awesome company she and Liese proved to be. And ofcourse a big thank you to UPR for inviting me and all the brands for the awesome gifts!

*pictures by Aurelie, Liese and UPR


  1. wat een leuk event! het ziet er gezellig uit
    en ahh je camera vergeten haha!

  2. Het was inderdaad tof! Ik had zelf niet door dat er foto's bij zaten van me tot ik het onderaan zag staan! ^^

  3. Oh, wat een prachtige spullen allemaal :D Ik ben blij dat je het naar je zin hebt gehad ^_^

  4. Leuk dat je erbij was! Volgende keer ga ik er ook weer heen als ik in Nederland ben.

    Kiki // Chicks About Fashion

  5. Ik vind TBY altijd een super leuk event om bij te wonen :)


  6. Super leuk!! Ik ben een paar weken terug ook geweest, maar dan hier in Nederland. Is echt een van de beste events voor bloggers. Unlimited know how to entertain use bloggers :)


  7. Oh, ik had je post nog niet gezien!
    Wat leuk ;p Ik vond het (uiteraard) ook heel leuk.
    Wel echt prachtige gezichtsuitdrukking die ik heb op die Veritas foto ^^

    Liefs, Liese
    Cats & Dresses


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