Restyle // dress to peplum top

October 18, 2013

Here is the most simple restyling project ever! I had a beautiful lace dress from H&M that got way too short but I didn't want to get rid of it. You can see what the dress was like here. So my grandmother and me made a peplum top out of it! Okay, I admit, I had the idea, she executed it haha. But basically, we just took a piece off, that's as simple as it is! This is the first piece of clothing I didn't throw away or donated but changed to fit me better and I like it! I'm not entirely sure how to style it though, that can be tricky. Next up on my restyle list is a skirt!

Do you ever give pieces of clothing a different life? And how should I wear this?


  1. Amai da's echt slim gezien om zo je kleedje te restylen! Peplums zijn echt mooi dusja :)

  2. It looks great! Personally, I'd just keep it simple and throw it on with some black skinny jeans, that makes it a casual yet styled outfit, that you can be comfy in :)

  3. Cuuute; well done! I'd probably wear it with some skinny jeans and tall boots! ;)

  4. I LOVE the colour! And it really looks great!

  5. aah wat leuk, die combi met dat rokje is ook tof!

  6. So awesome! Way better then getting rid of the dress. Tell your grandma she did a great job!! :)


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