Review: Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof mascara

October 04, 2013

I bought this mascara in the US because I've heard good things about it. It sells for about $7.50 but in Belgium it would be around €14. I chose the waterproof version because I try not to wear mascara that isn't waterproof. You never know when you'll be caught in the rain in this silly country.

The brush is nicely curved which allows you to get a hold of every little lash and it takes up a lot of product. Maybe a little too much because you have to be careful for clumps. In the pictures I only use one coat because I feel like this gives you the best idea. I do have to say it's really easy to build up more coats and you'll get even thicker and longer lashes. I personally don't really that because it leaves your lashes so stiff. Is it waterproof? Absolutely! I have worn it a couple of days, it didn't rain but I did take a shower with it just after I applied it and the mascara didn't move a bit. The negative side is, it's a pain in the ass to take off. You'll need a good cleanser!

Overall, it's a good mascara that gives you length and is really waterproof but there are a couple of things I dislike. It leaves your lashes really hard and stiff and it forms clumps so you'll have to brush your lashes afterwards.

top: no mascara | bottom: 1 coat on the left side

Not really, I've used mascaras with a similar effect that were way cheaper. Ofcourse, if you live in the US, you don't pay as much so then I would consider it. If you're looking for a buildable waterproof mascara, this is perfect for you though.

Today is something entirely different, I've been thinking about incorporating some more beauty on the blog and I'm starting now. I love experimenting with make-up and I try to find the best budgetproof items so it's going to be part of the blog from now on since I obviously blog about my interests. I hope you'll like these too. If you don't, don't worry, everything else will stay the same and you'll still see outfit posts and personal ones. This is my first time reviewing a make-up product so if you have any tips, please don't hesitate to tell me. Same for the pictures, I'm not used to shooting in close-up so I hope they'll be allright.


  1. Oh ik vond dit zo een slechte mascara ! Ik kreeg er altijd jeukerige ogen van, jammer want iedereen is er zo positief over :/
    x Jana
    ps ik volg je nu op bloglovin x

  2. ik vind het effect niet genoeg
    op de één of andere manier werkt dit merk ook niet voor mijn wimpers.. het lijkt wel of ze zwaarder worden en dan gaan mijn wimpers recht staan :/

  3. Leuke blog heb je! Ik vind de gewone versie van deze mascara fantastisch, ik houd niet echt van waterproof mascara's .. xx


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