Nick & Dorien (shoot)

November 23, 2013

Last week, I did a little photoshoot with my boyfriend. I've wanted some pretty pictures of us for so long (3 years!) and the sweetie finally caved in. This goes in against every fiber of his being but I'm so glad he did it for me because I'm in love with the result. I'm showing you a couple of pictures today.

We got shot by the awesome Marieke Penne, be sure to take a look! I made a Pinterest board up front of what I wanted and she delivered exactly that, in her own style. It was crappy weather as well, it was really dark and it rained a couple of times. Still, the pictures are amazing. Huge thanks to Marieke!

what I wore
cardigan: Broadway | top: Urban Outfitters | jeans shirt: C&A | pants: Levi's | shoes: Dr. Martens | scarf: Vero Moda

what he wore
pants: Levi's | shoes: Dr. Martens | scarf: Primark

Thank you Nick, for always being there and keeping up with my insane wishes and frivolities. I love you.


  1. These are so cute & cozy - great set! :)

    <3 Megan

  2. wow echt supermooie foto's! En jullie passen echt goed bij elkaar, ook qua kledingstijl. Zijn schoenen zijn echt awesome trouwens :D

  3. Mooie foto's van jullie, amai! Ik vind vooral de laatste heel mooi, zo teder en intiem :)

  4. These are so pretty! I love them. I'm glad your boyfriend agreed to take them with you; amazing!

  5. Aw, these photos are just so sweet and spontaneous! And kudos to you for getting your boyfriend this far! Mine would never agree :-(

  6. jullie passen echt perfect bij elkaar, knappe jongen! :-D heel lief dat hij het toch voor je wou doen :)

  7. Oh wauw, wat een adorable foto's ^^
    Lijkt me echt wel leuk om zo'n mooie foto's te hebben :)

  8. these photos/you guys are DARLING :)

  9. These are such pretty photos!


  10. These are so beautiful. You guys look so cute together. I think it's important to have photos taken together. She really captured your love for each other. :)


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