Mustard & dots (ootd)

November 17, 2013

It has been so hard lately to find the time to take some pictures. A short outfit post today but I hope you'll still like it. These pictures were taken yesterday, right before we left on a little roadtrip. We went to both the American Foodstore and Stonemanor. I had been craving some special sweets lately (and mountain dew) so I finally convinced my boyfriend to go. The first one was a bit dissapointing though. I still got some awesome things but it was a bit overpriced and I was just expecting more.

I absolutely loved Stonemanor though! I'm definitely going back one day. They had a lot of the same stuff as well and they had decent supermarket prices. Plus, they had Yankee Candles!! Too bad they didn't have wax tarts because I really wanted a couple of those. I only got two votives this time but if I go back, I'm buying one of those big jars for sure. Point of the story, we got way too much candy, haha! It might sound a little weird to you international folks but we just don't have as many awesome sweets as you do, we actually have to drive an hour to get it haha.

Anyway, simple outfit for a carride! What would you wear if you had to spend some time in the car?

sweater: H&M | pants: Levi's | scarf: Primark | watch: Michael Kors | shoes: Converse


  1. cool outfit :)

  2. So comfy and put together, love the gold scarf! :)

    <3 Megan

  3. I've had the hardest time getting outfit photos taken, too - I don't want to go out in the cold, let alone the snow!

  4. Aangezien ik een grote polkadot liefhebber ben vind ik deze trui echt geweldig :D !

  5. Ziet er echt een heel chille outfit uit! Ik zou er een hele tijd in kunnen rondlopen :D

  6. Dit is super leuk gecombineerd! Love it!


  7. Sweet outfit!
    Maybe we can follow each other?


  8. Converse....BEST PART. hahahaha Love the simple color scheme.


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