Outfit bloopers #2

November 05, 2013
My teeth are freakishly weird here haha!

It has been so hard lately to find the time to take some pictures. When I get home, it's already dark and the past two weekends it was raining constantly. And when I do find some time, I have to find a photographer ofcourse! So in the mean time, some outfit bloopers! It was appreciated last time so I thought I'd save a blooper every time (because I can assure you, I have plenty from each outfit). Hope you enjoy! (I still can't believe I'm putting this on the internet...again)

Rapping it up...

Police and a double chin = double win


  1. these are hySTERICAL. I always delete my bloopers - I should save them just for this!

  2. Hi Dorien! :) Haha I love your pictures here. I was wondering where you got your glasses. They're adorable.


  3. Hahaha, leuk ^^
    Kzou da beter ook beginnen doen ;p

  4. Awesome. ;) I have so many photos like this. hahahaha I try to delete them though.


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