Motivating Monday #30

December 02, 2013

I've saved up some fun bits of the internet again to show you today. Lots of videos again so take a cup of tea and watch the awesomeness.

New look wishlist

© Let's start with something awesome: a huge sale! I have a wishlist ready and I'm ordering a couple of things tomorrow, including a dress and jewelry for the holidays and a few presents. (I hope the code works for everyone, starting tomorrow.)

© Catching Fire is so incredibly good! I went to the avant-premiere (thanks to Flair Belgium) 2 weeks ago en then a second time on Saturday and I'm pretty sure I'll be going a third time as well. There are no words for how much I love this film. Especially the casting of the new characters (Finnick!!) was spot on for me.

© Shit bloggers wear is too funny. I don't really follow high fashion bloggers but I do recognize a lot of them. And some of them are too freaking ridiculous. I think the shoes above are SO ugly!

© Are you handy with your computer? I knew a few of these tricks already but others (like the first one) are awesome to know.

© Who doesn't love sloths?

© Oh yeah, I recognize every single one of these. Booklovers?

© Two very different fashion films. One by Lizzy Caplan which definitely deserves a laugh and then an amazing one by Wes Anderson for Prada.

© I'm usually not a big fan of ABM but I have to admit, this is an awesome idea! I think guest rooms are not really standard here in Belgium but I would like to have one in the future. With a cart!

© Biscuiteers have the most beautiful cookies (and tins) ever but these deserve a prize.

© Too bad Apple... I totally love Apple by the way but Samsung does know how to make a joke!

© Last but not least; you probably know this guy already from his Call Me Maybe video but this time he did it with Wrecking Ball haha, I cried-laughed for minutes!


  1. Haha, 'Shit Bloggers Wear' is supergrappig!

  2. Ooh ik vond hem ook zo goed!! Ik heb er zoo lang naar uitgekeken en nu kan 'k al niet wachten tot de volgende uitkomt! Wel wat bummed dat het laatste deel uit 2 films gaat bestaan :p


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