What was 2013 for me (and BT)

December 30, 2013

2013 was an amazing year! I've crammed a bunch of review things together so this post isn't the boring "i studied, i travelled, i loved" post (even though those things happened and they were/are really awesome). Tell what was the most memorable moment for you in 2013!

2013 for Bodacious Thought in numbers
- 114 posts
- 26 outfits
- 11 motivating mondays
- 7 shoplogs
- 2 outfit blooper posts

A couple of my favorite outfits

Chunky knits for studying - White tracks - Atomium

Skull it - As if you just woke up - Under cover of darkness

Short overview of my life in 2013
In January, my boyfriend and me celebrated our third year anniversary. Also around that time, I got really stressed out and decided to quit my school. I'm studying someone else now which I like a lot more. I walked a little local fashion show which was a fun experience. In February, I went to Budapest with a friend which was really awesome, I loved Budapest! March was filled with working on my new room which turned out better than I could've imagined. In april, we got a new family member: Arthur! He's totally settled and best friends with our other cat, Laila. I got a second tattoo in May, representing my love for Harry Potter and books in general.

I took a break before summer and relaxed, got my energy back. I went to Graspop in June, relaxed some more. In July, I traveled to the US! I'm still hyped about it and I became pretty obsessed with America since, it's my dream to move there. Unfortunately I still haven't shared some of my pictures!

Most liked instagram picture each month
(I cheated in november because it would've been another cat picture and I really really liked this one haha!)

Best video


  1. Leuke post, zullen wij elkaar volgen?

    Liefs, Danielle

  2. Leuke outfits maak jij zeg! Ik ben dol op al je rokjes :)


  3. oh my, die jas in je header foto heeft mijn hart gestolen, wat ziet die er heerlijk comfy en warm uit! ik snap dat je hebt valsgespeeld in november, een hele mooie foto van jullie beiden is dat!

  4. Wat een leuk overzicht! Keep on rocking in 2014, je hebt echt een superleuke blog!

  5. Aww, this is such a cool way to look at 2013!!! I love the "most loved" instagram photos - one of my resolutions is to use instagram more. I could use some tips!

  6. Leuk overzicht! Op een geweldig 2014 :)


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