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January 07, 2014

My mom treated me on a trip to Action a couple of days ago (the same day I bought the coat you could see in my last outfit) and I thought I could share it with you guys because they have some awesome stuff lately for a crazy price. I've developed a candle addiction lately which you might notice, it's just so cosy when you light a candle!

1. Two little pillows for €1.49 each and two covers for €2.69 each. Those covers are supersoft, love them!
2. I actually wanted a cotton pad dispenser but didn't know where to find one when I ran into this one for €1.42!
3. White tea candle €1.42
4. A cute 'Home is wherever I'm with you' jar for €0.79

1. This glass plate was €0.79
2. Both the white and brown candle were €1.05
3. The little glass cup in the back was €0.49
4. The metallic candle holder was €0.69 and I think this is my favorite purchase
5. I love foaming everythings and this shower gel smells really good! It was €1.99
6. I've seen these jars practically everywhere and I finally found one myself (€1.19)

This top might be the most surprising thing; it was only €4.99 and it's quite decent quality! Plus it looks really good on (the colour is a little darker in real life).

What do you think of action? Love it or hate it?


  1. Love it! Definitely! En die foaming douchegel is superfijn, ik heb 'm ook gehad en ruikt lekker!

  2. Die kussens zien er zo heerlijk fluffy uit, hihi!

  3. Leuke aankoopjes! Die kussentjes zijn geweldig en die watjeshouder (of hoe je het in het Nederlands ook wil noemen, haha) lijkt me super handig!

    ♥ Saskia

  4. Die watjeshouder (ik volg Saskia in de terminologie ;-)) is geweldig. En dat kost dus NIKS?!

  5. leuk in deze donkere dagen! en die kussentjes echt leuk!

  6. Dat watjes systeem heb ik zelf ook en vind ik erg praktisch.

  7. Die kussentjes zijn leuk! Oh die foaming gel heb ik ook gehad, maar dan de roze versie. Bij mij rook het heel chemisch..

  8. Die kussentjes zijn geweldig! Ik moet duidelijk nog eens bij de Action binnenspringen :D

  9. Die kussens zijn zo leuk! :)
    Naomi, x


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