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January 21, 2014
The wonderful Zoë of Zolea made a template for a friendship booklet tag the other day and I thought it was awesome and wanted to fill it in. Zoe blogs in Dutch though, so I asked if I could translate her template into English. She immediately offered to do it herself, so sweet! Here is my filled-in version. If you want to fill it in yourself, go grab you template here (both a Dutch and English version are available).

I may have cheated on a couple of questions but didn't we all do that in those friendship books when we were young(er)? To be honest, I would really love to be a mermaid. 


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I am going to do this right now. <3 Also, mermaids! Whenever I hear or see the word mermaid, I think of sweet sweet water (I love water) and gorgeous women with long hair, all the colors of the sea, and pretty scaled tails that shimmer.

  2. Here's my link!

  3. Hihi, heel leuke tag!
    Instant nostalgie feeling naar vriendenboekjes ^^

    Liefs, Liese

  4. Superleuk. En hé: we hebben New Girl gemeen!

  5. je hebt hem echt superleuk gemaakt.! xx

  6. Ik vond The Walking Dead eigenlijk niet zo leuk :( We hebben een keertje de eerste 6 afleveringen na elkaar gezien, maar daarna zijn we overgeschakeld op Lost ^^ En ik vind stofzuigen kei leuk :D Maar de afwas is hands down het eerste klusje om te doen! :p xo

  7. Cats totally count as siblings. :)


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