Designer wishlist

January 02, 2014
Designer wishlist

I've never really watched Sex and the City but I think Carrie's closet is one of those things you immediately know what it means. Or contains. Doesn't every girl dream of a walk-in closet full of designer items? These are the things that would be on my top shelves, my ultimate designer wishlist. If I had money, these would be my basics ;) Haha, dreams...
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1. My ultimate designer love, the Balenciaga city.
2. Miu Miu sunglasses
3. Burberry trenchcoat
4. I would sign up for practically everything Kenzo makes but I'm really wishing for a sweater, I especially love their eye collection
5. Alexander McQueen has gorgeous jewelry every season, I love this skull bracelet
6. Mulberry Alexa, iconic bag, non?
7. Louboutins, perfect pump
8. Yves Saint Laurent arty ring, this will probably never happen because these babies don't get made anymore

What would be the first thing you buy if you had all the money in the world? 


  1. Oh maar die handtassen mogen toch ook spontaan hun weg naar mijn arm vinden hoor :D
    Naomi, x

  2. Leuke wishlist! Die skull bracelet is zo mooi!

  3. Ik wil basically je hele wishlist zélf ook ;-).

  4. De Alexa en die Balenciaga zou ik ook wel in mijn kast willen zetten, zoooo mooi!
    Louboutins zijn ook zo pretty, maar daar ben ik te lomp voor, haha ^^

  5. Die Balenciaga mag ook op mijn wishlist! Echt leuke spullen :)

  6. if only I won the lottery.. :d die tas vind ik ook al jaren mooi!


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