Massive sale shoplog

January 26, 2014

Berschka cardigan (was €26, got it for €7), Zara top (was €20, got it for €6), H&M pants (€20)

I did a whole bunch of (sale) shopping last week and this is my massive haul! I can justify it for myself because most of it was really cheap haha! I didn't buy these clothes as outfits by the way but it's kind of funny that I could make two whole outfits with them. I also had a couple of giftcards that I spent on books.

I have a couple of questions for you as well;
1. Do you rather see shoplogs with pictures like this one or in a video?
2. What do you use to embed pictures in your posts? I loved photobucket but I'm reaching my limit and I'm not exactly looking forward to paying every month.

Above: Rituals tea tin (€3.50), rituals tea (€4.50), rituals shower foam (€4), The Body Shop olive body scrub (was €18, got it for €5.40), Lush bubble bar (€6.95)

Below: Springfield tablet cover (was €15, got it for €5), Zara iphone cover (was €15, got it for €5)

Above: A succes story! I fell in love with this jacket from the moment Zara sold it but it was €80, way above my budget. I now got in the sale for €30!

Below: The Great Gatsby and Game of Thrones where €10.99, the rest was €12.49. 

Above: I ordered this Paul and Joe body and hair mist with a free whale make-up bag from ASOS and it arrived yesterday. I may have bought it only for the bag haha.. Which I love! (it used to be €16.15 but I bought it for €9.83 and it's still for sale here)

Below: Zara bag (was €25, got it for €15), Zara mesh top (was €20, got it for €6), Springfield pants (were €30, got them for €10), Berschka blazer (was €20, got it for €7)


  1. Hahahaha, héél erg goed geshopt!

  2. Ik vind echt ALLES super leuk!
    Vooral het eerste setje.

    Kiki // Chicks About Fashion

  3. Wauw, super koopjes, vooral dat wit vestje van de Berska!
    Morgen na mn examen spring ik zeker eens binnen ö

    Liefs, Liese

  4. AAAAAH dat zara jasje <3 verliefd!!!

  5. Je hoesje is echt leuk ! Leuke shoplog xo

  6. Whoaa, zalige koopjes! Die uilentablet! En dat vestje van Bershka! Heel mooi. Ik vind zowel filmpjes- als fotovorm heel tof, heb niet echt een voorkeur eigenlijk. Alhoewel, bij filmpjes vind ik soms dat andere mensen te lang over één kledingstuk babbelen, en daar stoor ik me dan aan. Maar bij jou nog niet meegemaakt, dus doe gerust ;)

  7. Ik ben dol op de Clockwork reeks, je zult ze ook wel geweldig vinden. Voor de rest leuke kleren!

  8. Game of Thrones wil ik echt graag lezen! Je hebt echt mooie items gescoord!

  9. Wow such great finds. I love sale as well.

  10. Dat eerste setje/de eerste outfit is ontzettend leuk! En je tablethoes is ook tof. Eigenlijk vindt ik alles wel leuk, haha.

  11. Ohhh die tablet hoes, je vest en dat jasje! Wat heb je prachtige dingen gescoord voor hele mooie prijzen! Ik heb helaas weinig in de sale kunnen vinden..

  12. Leuke dingen heb je gekocht!

    Liefs Romy

  13. Zo'n mooie spullen :D Dat vestje van de Zara is echt zooo tof :)

  14. All nice! I love the whale bag. I would of wanted that as well. I use Flickr for my photos, but you do have to pay once you reach a certain amount of images. It may be a lot though, so you should at least check it out. :)

  15. Mooie stijl heb je qua kledij! Ik volg je! ^^

  16. Mooie kledij heb je gekocht! De ipad & iphone cover zijn ook leuk!

  17. Leuke items!


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