My life in pictures #1

February 02, 2014

I'm ending the first month of 2014 with a new column on Bodacious Thought: my life in pictures! I don't take that many instagram pictures so it wouldn't be a good idea to do this every week but I think I'm going to do this every fortnight. From now on, I'm going to try to take more pictures though because I always like reading posts like this. Sorry for the overload of pictures this time, it's from the entire month! What was your highlight this month? 

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(PPS: The numbers are the dates I took the pictures.)

01. My NYE eyelook. You can't see it that good but I really had the most perfect golden eye, I used a gorgeous Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow. 02. I tried to take off my glitter nailpolish from the days before. This is the only way that semi works.

03. My lunch a certain day, my grandma bought these mini hamburgers and hotdogs as appetizers and she had some left. They were pretty good actually! 04. My boyfriend tried to take a nice picture of me, this is what happened...

08. I found these awesome paperclips at H&M! I also bought an earphone splitter that looks like a mini boombox, I was so surprised to find this at H&M. 09. I love it when my bed is freshly made with crisp new sheets and everything.

10. When it's cold outside, my cats can't go outside because they would get sick but sometimes they keep waiting at the door untill somebody takes them outside so then we do it like this! 11. I bought this shirt at action.

14. I won a giveaway! I got a pretty top with some Japanese testers. And a pumpkin kitkat that I still have to try. 15. A delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream, chocolate chips and mini marshmellows.

21. I started reading the Harry Potter books yet again, this time in English. I'm already in the middle of the fourth book now. 21. My old laptop completely broke down. My screen already had huge cracks for the last weeks but now he shut down every 5 minutes so I had to go buy a new one! I chose a Lenovo.

22. My cats usually sleep with me in my bed. When I wake up and leave, they usually follow me but when they're not feeling like it, they just keep sleeping. And don't you dare wake them up! 22. I bought this watch on ebay for about 2 euros and I'm in love with it!

23. I enrolled in a diving club last month and I absolutely love it! Every Thursday evening we have a lesson and I look forward to it so much every week! 24. My boyfriend's Dr. Martens and my Vans.

24. I went on a huge sale shopping spree. 24. This is my favorite sales find, a pretty Zara jacket that went from €80 to €30!

25. The day after I got my asos order. This pretty Paul & Joe toiletry bag and a tangle teezer. 26. Tea always helps me relax a little, this time I went for iced mint tea.

29. My desk is way more fun with this cute desk vacuum cleaner. 29. Our youngest cat loves to give you kisses. I'm not kidding when I say he actually pushes his mouth against yours untill you make a kissing noise!

30. I really love the new case I bought for my kindle. Once upon a time... 01. Last night, a friend of mine held a pokernight which turned out to be really fun. I lost the €2 I played with but since it was my first time playing, everyone was impressed I lasted so long with those €2 haha! My boyfriend doubled his buy-in though so I was really proud!


  1. Love this article!!

    Love your blog by the way, neem ook eens een kijkje op de mijne!
    Lots of love,

  2. 2 euro voor dat horloge? Amaai, echt een koopje, en het is echt suuuupermooi :D

  3. Oh, hoeveel naaktkatten heb je? Mijn moeder is daar echt grote fan van! Ben jij trouwens tevreden met je Kindle?

    1. Ik heb er twee, de zwarte is nog geen jaar oud en we hebben ook een beige en zij is 5 jaar. Ik ben ook zwaar fan, heb er een op mijn arm getattoeëerd haha! En ja, echt wel tevreden van Kindle. Supermakkelijk in gebruik, zeer stevig en echt gewoon fijn in't algemeen. En makkelijk om gratis downloads op te zetten vanaf de computer ;)

  4. That hot chocolate looks super yummy! <3 And I absolutely love that watch! So pretty! :)

  5. Glitter nail polish is such a pain in the ass to remove, but so pretty. x.x Red and blue also give me trouble, because I either look injured or bruised!

    Such a cute kitty!!!

    Also, I want a mini vacuum so badly.


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