My life in pictures #2

February 23, 2014

Ah guys, I'm so bummed I haven't been blogging regularly lately! I don't mind it to be honest but I do miss it, I simply haven't had much time. Especially taking pictures is hard because it's still getting dark pretty early. I'm so looking forward to summer! Anyway, here are my instagrams from the past weeks.

03. My shower stuff from that particular day. I especially love my olive body butter, my favorite body butter from the body shop! 04. These two cats are so silly. And they're complete opposites (and best friends).

05. Midweek treats: macarons. My favorite is pistache so whenever I see them somewhere, I have to buy them. 06. I quickly visited H&M for a sports shirt and I found these socks! Couldn't pass on them.

09. These are my favorite pairs of shoes, I'll wear them with anything. 09. I was sorting through my bikini's after I bought a couple of new ones, including this one and enjoyed a bionina drink in the mean time. I'm so ready for summer!

11. Don't you want a cat's life.. That's how I leave her in my bed every morning haha! 13. I was sick for more than a week and I stayed home when it was at it worst. Cats love it when you're sick!

15. My boyfriend and I took a short walk outside, both trying to soak in some vitamin D to get over our colds. It seems like summer! But don't be fooled, it was really cold and windy. 16. My mom treated me to some McDonals to end the weekend..

16. I bought this shirt at Primark a while ago and I love it. I only wear it as a pajama though. 17. This little devil is so beautiful and sweet.

19. I'm still working out pretty regularly, now I just need to eat more healthy haha. 21. These grapes were so freaking tiny, like the nail of your pink tiny! And delicious.

23. Today I went to the carnival fair with some girlfriends and we went into a psychedelic attraction, it was actually pretty awesome. You had to walk through all kinds of sights like this one. 23. And I ended this weekend with a treat as well, a slushie.


  1. Leuke foto's! Vooral die kousen zien super :D En mooie bikini trouwens!

    x Aurélie

  2. Superleuke foto's. Hoe heten je katten eigenlijk?


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