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February 05, 2014
I already had the bag from years ago and I bought the shoes secondhand for only €25. They're in splendid condition and I wanted Nike Free runs really badly so I'm over the moon with this awesome find! (And they're the most comfortable shoes ever!)

I didn't make resolutions this year 'officially' but I was always keeping in mind that I should really start working out. Not necessarily to lose weight (but not going to lie, I do want that to happen) but especially because I don't want to break a sweat walking the stairs ;) Okay it wasn't that bad but still, I want to be fit! As I've already said a couple of times, I started (scuba)diving lessons at the beginning of January and I've been loving them so far. As soon as the lesson is over, I'm looking forward to the next one! But obviously, that isn't going to get me where I want to be.

So yesterday, I actually signed up in a gym! I pass this one almost everyday and it's the cheapest one in Belgium (Basic-Fit) so I decided to go for it. My boyfriend joined me for my first time yesterday and it was actually pretty fun. I signed up for a year so I can't even think about quitting! I really hope to keep this going because I'm always really happy when I go swimming, diving or to the gym. I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm already eyeing pretty sportsgear, here's an huge wishlist. Do you work out (often)? If yes, what do you do? If no, do you want to?


  1. Zo leuk dat je duiklessen aan het volgen bent én je hebt ingeschreven in de fitness. You go, girl!

  2. Goed bezig! Sinds ik een baan heb, ben ik altijd te moe om te sporten.. 8-)

    Kiki // Chicks About Fashion

  3. Nice! Good for you! My hubby's a scuba diver, but I'm too scared to try; I kinda hate the water. :P
    I just joined a gym too, and have been about three times so far. I did it for running, since I can't run outside right now with the crazy amount of snow we have. But, I've caught a cold, so I'm taking a bit of time off before jumping back into training.

  4. Wat gaaf dat je bent begonnen met duiklessen :D

  5. Fijne sportkleding zeg! De broek linksboven en de bikinitop zijn favoriet. Ik vind dat gevoel na sporten ook zo heerlijk, moet echt vaker sporten. Cool van je abo! Veel succes. :) xx

  6. Leuke post is dit!
    Zitten ook enorm leuke spullen bij!
    Vooral die eerste sweatpants, die shorts, de bikini en dat cropped topje zijn leuk!


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