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March 19, 2014

I was finally able to convince my boyfriend Nick to fill in the boyfriend tag here it is. I always like reading these so I really wanted to publish it myself. My boyfriend doesn't like to be featured here though so I'm really glad he finally agreed. I promised him he didn't have to give long answers haha. Let's see how long it takes me to convince him for the my boyfriend does my make-up video... ;)

How long have you been together?
♦ 4 years and 2 months
♥ Yes, almost half a decade! :) This particular anniversary was yesterday!

Why do you think she likes you so much?
♦ Because I'm a cutiepie
♥ Well, if he says so himself..

Where was your first kiss?
♦ Near our school
♥ It was actually at the train station but since that was pretty close to our school, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt!

She's in front of the tv, what is she looking at?
♦ Some funny sitcom like the Big Bang Theory
♥ True. I don't watch a lot of television but if I do, I'll search for something like that. I do watch tons of series on my computer though.

What's the one food she doesn't like?
♦ Brussels sprouts, among most other things
♥ Also right. I'm a very picky eater so I actually don't like a lot of things.

You're going out to dinner, which drink does she order?
♦ Coke
♥ Yes, I always order a regular Coca Cola or an Ice tea.

What's her shoesize?
♦ 39 - 40
♥ Yep.

If she would collect something, what would it be?
♦ Vinylmations
♥ Haha true. Even though I only have five of them now, I would probably have a whole closet if I had the money for it.

Name something she would eat everyday.
♦ Red cabbage
♥ Yep. That's my absolute favorite dish at his house, his mother makes this as a pro.

What's her favorite music?
♦ None specific
♥ True. I don't have a specific genre or band that I listen too. Changes with my mood!

What color are her eyes?
♦ Brown
♥ Pretty straightforward.

What is something you do, that she wishes you wouldn't?
♦ Smoking
♥ Very true! I absolutely hate it and I wish he would stop like, yesterday. At least he promised me to quit when we go live together someday. Better than nothing I guess :p

You're making a cake for her birthday, which one are you making?
♦ Dr. Oetker instant cake
♥ I'm pretty sure he said this because he thought it was a real situation where he would actually have to bake a cake haha. I don't really like cake that much!

What kind of sports has she done?
♦ Gymnastics when she was a kid, now some fitness when she has the courage to go
♥ Both true but I've also done some horsebackriding when I was younger and right now I'm scubadiving. Trust me, that's a sport too!

What is something she could do for hours?
♦ Reading blogs
♥ Don't we all??

What's her unique talent?
♦ Being genuinely happy for the silliest things
♥ I'm not sure if that's a talent haha, but it is true. Little things can make me really happy. For example, a new vinylmation ;)

What's her favorite treat??
♦ Frozen yoghurt
♥ Yeees! I'm obsessed with frozen yoghurt and if I had a little more money, I would actually consider buying one of those huge machines myself.

I know I shouldn't be but I'm actually surprised that he knows me so well! I didn't expect some of these answers and so it was really fun for me to let him fill this in haha. Now tell me, what's your favorite treat?


  1. super leuke tag en wazt een leuke foto die eerste!

  2. Ah wat schattig :D Die eerste foto van jullie is echt te lief! Ik wil deze tag ook doen, maar no way dat ik m'n vriend zo ver krijg 'm in te vullen XD

  3. This is such a cute little tag! Hah, I doubt my boyfriend would be up for filling it out on the blog but I might just use it to quiz him :]

  4. Zo'n leuke foto's :)

  5. Leuk om te lezen dit! En haha, die laatste foto is zo herkenbaar! Zo zitten wij ook vaak in de zetel ;)


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