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March 21, 2014

Today I'm sharing my absolute favorite board games. I love playing games but unfortunately, I don't know a lot of people that do too. So I don't play them as much as I would like. That aside, this is my top 5. What are your favorite games?

1. Cluedo
I got obsessed with it a couple of months ago when I bought the game. I had played it before but only once or twice. I really like solving the mystery and I've pretty much always won since I bought it. But, I have only played against my boyfriend and his sister, haha!

2. Trivial Pursuit
This is the only game my boyfriend want to play with me from time to time and that's probably because he always wins haha. I like knowing random stuff and this game is perfect to learn some interesting things. We usually end up in a discussion about one topic or another and that's partly why I like this game so much too.

3. UNO
Uno is such a simple game but that doesn't make it less fun. I always take it with me when I'm travelling or something. I like to start with 10 cards or more instead of 7 to make the game a bit longer.

4. Scrabble
I like everything that concerns languages so that means scrabble as well. I kind of find the point system a bit annoying but I do like the creativity you have to use in the game. Sometimes you make words you didn't even think you knew!

5. Monopoly/Catopoly
I have both monopoly and catopoly and it's just a fun classic. It does tend to take long though so we don't play it that often.


  1. Euhm wacht... bestaat er zoiets als Catopoly?! OMG!

  2. Catopoly ??? wat gaaf zeg die kende ik niet!

  3. I love: D&D Clue, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Monopoly, Axis & Allies, Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, RISK: Halo, The Game of Life and Chess - just a few favorites!

  4. Scrabble and Uno are two of my favorites! : ) My husband and I can play card games forever! : D I really love Mexican train too (the domino game).


  5. trivial pursuit speel ik ook graag!

  6. jaaa bordspellen! haha echt leuk, helaas doe ik t te weinig! Ik speel graag simpele spelletjes.. gewoon kaarten vind ik ook leuk!

  7. I used to looooove playing Cluedo when I was little. I felt like Sherlock Holmes while playing it. :-)

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