My life in pictures #3

March 09, 2014

The past two weeks in instagram. I always try to take pictures when I'm not up to much. When I am doing something, I just forget to take pictures haha! This weekend was a fun one. We drove half an hour for a frozen yoghurt (it was international day of the woman after all) and yesterday evening we watched an awesome movie and went to the carnival fair. What did you do lately?

25. Easter is coming closer which means delicious treats everywhere! 25. I finally took a relaxing bath, I wanted to for days but didn't have time. Lush instantly made my day better.

26. When the sun shows itself, you can be sure our two cats are basking in it. This beautiful guy is Arthur by the way! 26. I went to try on these shoes three times before I finally bought them.

27. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging but this iced tea is actually as awesome as its package. 28. I went on a spontaneous trip to Stonemanor, an English goods store near Brussels.

28. And a huge reason was their assortment of Yankee Candles. This is only one third of the range they stock! 01. The first of March I had chocolate strawberries for breakfast.

01. And I used some pretty make-up. My grandmother gave me this Estee Lauder brush, just because.  03. I bought myself a new planner, this pretty pink Filofax. I'm obsessed with it!

05. Another breakfast, this one without chocolate. 05. The chocolate came later in the day haha!

06. Thursday evenings are for diving lessons. I love it so far!  07. Reading Flair while enjoying some healthy snacks. Didn't like the smoothie by the way..

08. As I said, we went to see an awesome movie. I was really impressed with Eva Green (Artemisia). 09. Oh how I miss these Cadbury eggs.. Definitely my new favorite treat!


  1. I think those boots were a good idea :) Glad you purchased them, they're great.

    Just started blogging again and I'm glad to return to your blog. Always loved it.

  2. Mooie foto's! Ik heb een vriendin die in Everberg woont en ik heb haar al verwittigd dat ik binnenkort langskom om samen naar Stonemanor te gaan.


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