My life in pictures #4

March 23, 2014

I didn't take a lot of pictures these past weeks, even though it was fairly busy but here's my life in pictures anyway! I have to say, I really like putting together these posts and looking back on the past weeks. Oh and you can follow me on instagram here by the way.

12. Pretty sunsets. | 12. This was my lunch one day, peanut butter cracottes and a chocolate bunny.

12. Cat's are so incredibly flexible. I don't know if you can see it well on pictures, but that's his back leg behind his head. And he sat like that for ages haha! | 13. There's an awesome little street in Ghent that's a legal graffiti wall and every inch is covered in graffiti. There's also a geocache which we searched for, and found.

14. I had to laugh a little at the simplicity of this bottle of water (from Hema). | 15. Weird angle, but this was my ootd which you saw here.

16. I bought some mirror sunglasses and instead of putting them on, I took a duckface selfie.  | 17. Oh frozen yoghurt.. I could eat this all day, every day. Passionfruit is my favorite!

17. I went out to dinner with my girlfriends. This is the typical Amadeus dish: spareribs, all you can eat! You get a plate like this and then waiters go around with extra servings, always asking if you want more. | 19. I'm trying to get into the habbit of drinking/eating a smoothie every morning but I only managed to do this a couple of days. This one has apple and kiwi.

21. I got this pumpking kitkat in a package a while ago and tried it, it was really weird.  | 23. My previous laptop was completely ruined so I had to throw it away. Instead, I took advantage and completely smashed it haha! It was really fun to do this once!


  1. Die graffiti straat ziet er gewéldig uit! Heel tof! En wauw, wat zou ik graag met mijn laptop willen smijten. Dat voelt vast goed!

  2. Oh wat is je brooddoos schattig! En mmm froyo, SO GOOD! :D

  3. Zo te zien was het een leuke week :)

  4. Leuk overzicht en lekker he die ribbetjes :D

  5. Is dat froyo van bij Moochie? Ik heb vorige week zondag ook een potje gegeten, met aardbeien en melkchocola. Nom nom!

  6. Zo leuk om te zien dit! Die luch zit er echt delicious uit en die muur is echt gaaf!

  7. Wat lief je lunchbox (en wat heerlijk die chocolade erin! :)) xx

  8. Leuke foto's! Het lijkt me best wel leuk om eens met mijn laptop te smijten :p


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