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March 01, 2014

Yesterday I went to Stonemanor. Stonemanor is a huge English goods store near Brussels which is really awesome. They have all kinds of typical British sweets and other food, magazines, books, games, party decorations, housewares and even beds! And all this for normal supermarket prices, not overpriced at all. I was craving some Yankee candles so I impulsively decided to go. They have a huge assortment and for decent prices. I bought the medium sized jar in Midnight Oasis for €20 and the two votives for €2 each. They have all kinds of fun books and this one seemed interesting and marked half priced, I paid €6.


You can't leave the store without some sweets so I bought two famous kinds that I had never tasted before. The cadbury eggs are always so popular, I had to try them. I also bought pearl drops (basically a sort of tooth paste) because I bought it before and liked it. I haven't lit my candle yet but can't wait, it smells delicious. I smelled about 40 different candles and chose my absolute favorite haha. What's your favorite kind of scent?


  1. I want such a store near where I live, I love your purchases :)

  2. Ik kende die winkel niet maar ik moet er nu zeker naar toe als ik ooit in Brussel ben!
    Snoepjes uit andere landen vind ik altijd zo fijn om uit te proberen :p


  3. Ik wil al keilang naar Stonemanor, maar ben er tot nu toe nog niet geraakt. Leuke spullen!!!

  4. Dag Dorien,
    is Stonemanor close to Brusels central? I was looking for the yankee candles in Belgium, thanks for your info! :)


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