Birds of prey

April 26, 2014

Ever since I decided I wanted to do more fun things with my boyfriend, I've been looking around on groupon a lot. A while ago, I saw an awesome coupon for a workshop with birds of prey and bought it immediately. Today we went to this particular workshop and I though I could show you some pictures. It was pretty great to see these magnificent birds and learn a bit more about them.

Did you know these guys are actually pretty lazy? They don't like to work that hard for their food. And you probably know about the survival of the fittest, so you won't see them chasing a fast hare, they'll stick to the weaker animals. Natural selection of course, but still, I thought they liked the hunt.

Did you know that you can determine how well an owl sees at night by the color of it's eyes? The more dark, the better they can see at night.

Overall, it was a pretty great experience. We got to practice knots, how to use a lure and we actually called buzzards, owls and eagles and fed them some little pieces of meat. You should really check out their website here.


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