Motivating Monday #32

April 14, 2014

©  These non-photoshopped (!!) pictures have been going around for a while but I still wanted to include them. I can't imagine the patience that must go into such a project!

©  I'll have to try and make this dreamcatcher sometime.

©  Ahh these friends. That chicken and those puppies though.. haha!

©  I have to do something like this for my kids later.

©  Uhm, can this be my house please?

©  I have already made a coupon book once but this is a fun idea. And it has tons of date suggestions included in the blog post!

©  Belgium is actually pretty cool if you read this. I have to be honest, I didn't know all of them.

©  Are there ever enough cat pictures?

©  Are you a peacemaker, an intellectual or a romantic? I'm a romantic and the description is pretty much completely true!

©  Best commercial EVER! And a pretty useful product too.


  1. Dat filmpje! Awesome! Coole wist-je-datjes ook over België! Echt leuk, die toffe linkjes :)

  2. Wauw die eerste foto's zijn echt prachtig! Zo cool dat ze niet gephotoshopped zijn, ik heb dream-catcher oorringen, nog altijd mijn favoriet :D lijkt mij cool om zo op te hangen ook

  3. Hahahahaha, ik kende dat Do You Want My Purr Purr filmpje al. Super he?!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. That commercial was GENIUS! hahaha! Thank you for sharing!


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