My life in pictures #5

April 06, 2014

The beginning of a new month and the best weather you can imagine. I'm pretty happy lately, the only thing that could improve my mood is a pool in my backyard. And maybe a ton of money, because who couldn't use that!

24. Two mondays ago, I went to Nemo33. It's the deepest pool in the world (33m) and it's in little Belgium! I went deeper than 2.5m for the first time, to 15m actually! This was a piece of 'decor' there. | 24. There's a restaurant right next to the pool so my aunt took this picture from behind the bar haha.

25. These Mini Oreos are too cute! I bought these in my local supermarket but the whole packaging was in Spanish haha, what? | 26. Ah this guy! He normally looks like he's on LSD so it's quite weird I caught him looking sleepy and even a little mad.

29. Huge tip: chia seeds in action for less than €2. Normally these kinds of 'superfoods' are always so expensive. | 29. Ghent is my favorite Belgian city! This was when we had our datenight last Saturday.

30. We've had pretty awesome weather lately so I've been soaking up vitamin D. | 31. My dad and I made ourselves some late night snacks. The back ones are his, mine are in front. He's definitely a chocolate addict!

1. We were cleaning out a couple of closets in our hallway downstairs and there were all kinds of costumes and the likes in there, including this mask. I didn't realise it was april fools day untill I posted it haha. | 2. OMG, these shoes, right? They're from H&M and I love them!

3. Just a lazy evening, doing nothing. | 4. It's strawberry season!

5. I don't buy magazines but my mom always gets me Flow and each special as well. | 6. I went diving for the first time in open water today, this was the beautiful lake. (It was really fun by the way!)

6. There were two beautiful swans just swimming around and you could come incredibly close. | 6. My niece taking outfit pictures, she's always jumping for the chance. Thank god or I wouldn't have outfit posts ever haha!


  1. Ahw! Leuke foto's! Lekker ook, aardbeien met chocoladeeee..

  2. I really love your instagram photos. :)

  3. Superleuk al die foto's :) echt tof dat je duikt ! x

  4. Allez, zo grappig dat het diepste zwembad ter wereld in België ligt. Dat wist ik helemaal niet!

  5. Wat mooi! Ik hou van die instaupdates! Altijd leuk om andere mensen hun leven te zien. Al lijkt het vaak wel leuker dan het mijne :)

    Ps: kom je lekker mee chatten in het bloggerscafé? (facebookgroep voor en door bloggers)

  6. Die schoenen <3 <3 En Gent is inderdaad demax!

  7. Woa, dat zwembad!! Zo tof!

  8. Deepest pool in the world?! How crazy!


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