My life in pictures #6

April 20, 2014

Wow guys, long time no see! It has been such a busy week and I totally forgot to take outfit pictures and I was not even home a single night this week. What a whirlwind it has been! Anyway, here are some instagrams from the last two weeks. Tomorrow I'm going to Eindhoven to shop (Primark!) so you'll definitely see a huge shoplog appearing this week.

7. Picture at the right time haha, mid-yawn. | 10. I always pass the side of this lane when driving home so I took a little detour and rode through it. It's really LA-like with huge mansions and a park at the end.

12. My favorite eyeshadow and it's supercheap too (€2.79). | 12. I had a new shirt and felt good so that deserved a random selfie!

13. Cup o' melons. Watermelon is the only kind of mellon I like! | 14. My parents went to Maastricht in the Netherlands for a weekend and brought me my first Blond Amsterdam piece.

16. Snacks! I love these pretty teas. | 16. This little guy got into our house and I saved it before my cats could find it.

17. This made me laugh so hard! Laila (the pink one) always wants too lie between my legs but Arthur (the black one) wants that too so they always fight for a good place haha, his face here is too freaking good. | 18. Little yankee candle collection, love the Midnight Oasis one.

19. I brought my boyfriend some breakfast in bed this weekend, isn't he a lucky guy? | 20. We ate lunch at my boyfriend's grandparents today and this guy was louning there, he was really friendly and sweet.


  1. Je kat ziet er zo eng uit op de eerste foto :D

  2. Hahaha die eerste foto is prachtig! Ik hou echt van foto's waarop katten aan het geeuwen zijn, die zien er altijd hilarisch uit dan! Veel plezier in Primark! Ik wil ook, maar ben ff blut dus misschien maar beter van niet dan ;)

  3. Je shirt is superleuk, dat is wel een selfie waard. Waar heb je 'm gekocht?


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