Nostalgia: toys

April 04, 2014
Do you guys remember what you played with as a kid? I sure do. And when I think back about it, I get pretty nostalgic! These were a couple of my favorite toys as a kid. What were yours? Do you still have some of them?

Barbie - Furby - Scoubidou - Game Boy advance - Betty Spaghetty - Wuvluv - Polly Pocket - Flippo

Did any of you have a Wuvluv? Apparantly they're not as well know as the others are but I loved it. It was my ultimate favorite. The thing was actually a talking pregnant lady and after a while it gave birth to an adorable fun coloured egg with the cutest mini wuvluv inside.

Oh and allthough I've probably had every version of the gameboy (including the old grey one), I loved my pink advanced the most. I played for hours on this thing, especially mario!


  1. Ooo so awesome! I've never heard of a Wuvluv but it looks incredibly cute. But the pregnancy thing sounds kinda strange though, haha!

  2. Furby en flippo's haha!! heel herkenbaar. Flippo's heb ik echt een aantal mappen vol van.

  3. Ja omg ik heb echt alles gehad :D

  4. Ik heb alles gehad behalve de wuvluv :)

  5. All of it!! <3 I had all of the gameboys too haha

  6. Gameboy heb ik nog altijd, voor als ik nog eens zo'n vlaag heb van nostalgia :D Furby's slingeren ergens thuis nog wel rond in een verlaten kast vol speelgoed, zijn eigenlijk echt irritante spullen :p Polly pocket en barbie waren echt mijn topfavoriet vroeger <3


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