My life in pictures #7

May 11, 2014

Hi there, do you remember me? Ahh I've missed blogging so much but honestly this is the first time I've had time these past weeks. I'm always home late and then I have to keep up with diving lessons, diving practices, visiting family, meeting with friends, taking a shower now and then.. Haha, no but really, it has been busy. But I promised myself I'm not going to worry about the quantity of my posts anymore, only quality! So sorry if you see less of me than usual, but I'll still post at least once a week from now on (and obviously sometimes more). Anyway, time for pictures of the past three weeks!

21. Snacks out of the wall in the Netherlands, such a weird concept for me! | 23. I filmed a shoplog only to get hit in the face when I put my sd card in my computer and everything was gone... This bummed me out a lot!

23. Our kitties had to go to the vet and Laila had to be sedated. She was a ragdoll for hours, good thing she had a good pillow haha! | 24. Last remains of Easter.

25. Ahh, can't get over the beauty of lakes! I'm visiting a lot of them since I started diving haha! | 26. We did a birds of prey workshop which was really fun! Those birds are impressive.

26. Cute little churchowl! | 27. Yay, MUA is available in Belgium now!

28. I can't be the only one that has to buy this when you spot it in the supermarket? | 29. Outfit of the night haha!

30. I love discovering new things, this is a Kiwano fruit. It's sour and superjelly, weird but not bad. | 1. New shoes.

2. Cats sometimes lie in the weirdest positions. Sometimes upside down. | 4. I went geocaching for a while the other day and this girl followed me for a bit.

5. Oh my god, we had a situation! Our cat went chasing a crow on our neighbours' roof and didn't want to come down again. After a while, there were 30 crows circling above him, trying to attack! I nearly had a freaking heartattack. When he realised what they were up to, he got scared and finally came down. | 7. Pretty starfruit.

11. I went diving in salt water (the sea) today and it was such a fun experience! At first I didn't think I would dare because there was a lot of wind and the water seemed really wild but I just did it and I'm so glad! I saw tons of animals and plants by the way, really cool!


  1. Die magnums ga ik echt eens proberen als ik ze tegenkom in de winkel!

  2. Superleuke foto's! Die snacks uit de muur vind ik ook een raar concept, maar dat heb je ook in Leuven, naar 't schijnt wel echt niet lekker :p Jammer van die shoplog ook! Ik zou echt flippen als mijn filmpje plots weg blijkt te zijn haha. En hebben ze MUA in België? Wist ik nog niet, I want haha! :D Mooie schoenen trouwens!

  3. Cool jom al uw duikavonturen! En hele mooie nieuwe schoenen! Vanwaar komen ze? :)

    1. Ik heb ze in Eindhoven gekocht, ik denk dat de winkel Shoeline was!

  4. Je nieuwe schoenen zijn de max!!!

  5. Super leuk foto-overzichtje om te zien! :)


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