Wish I wore: H&M

May 14, 2014
H&M summer 1

This is basically a huge H&M wishlist that I plan on giving to my mom haha! I tried to make a couple of outfits. I've been having such a "I don't have anything to wear" mood lately. I can't think of any combinations and I got rid of dozens of things in my closet. I wouldn't mind splurging a little bit on some new items either but I just can't find anything that I like! Let's hope I can find some of these items in H&M! Oh and let's hope for some better weather as well while we're at it...
(As always, click on the pictures for prices.)

H&M summer 2

H&M summer 3

H&M summer 4

H&M summer 5

H&M summer 6


  1. oeeh! Er staan een aantal mooie dingen tussen!

  2. Ik moet precies dringend nog eens naar de H&M!

  3. LOVE the header!
    And i really like these summer styles :)

    xx, rebecca

  4. I want all of this stuff! Is this seriously all by H&M? I've been to Milan last week and did not find anything interesting :(


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