My life in pictures #8

June 21, 2014

It has obviously been a while since my last MLIP so there are more pictures than usual. But, I didn't instagram that much either so it's quite in balance. What did you do this weekend by the way?

15.05: I went shopping and couldn't find anything, the only thing I bought was this t-shirt that came with the Vogue. | 16.05: I'm always really relaxed after a dive.

17.05: We've had some gorgeous summerdays. This was one of them. I jumped in five minutes after this picture. | 18.05: I didn't eat too healthy this Sunday..

20.05: At grandma's. | 23.05: I went running, 3km is the most I can do haha.

25.05: I made this flowercrown, isn't it awesome? It took me a long time though! | 30.05: I think sunset is my favorite time of day.

06.06: My favorite picture from the last couple of weeks. Awesome summerday. | 10.06: I'm totally into snapchat and bandana's lately. And no, I know no shame.

13.06: I'm becoming the girl that buys too much bathing suits for diving practice haha! | 14.06: I started postcrossing again. Too bad stamps are not cheap!


  1. Mooie Snapchat-foto en je tatoeage ziet er supercool uit!

  2. Leuke foto's! Dat shirt van vogue heb ik ook, ik ben hem alleen even kwijt, oeps..

  3. Ik ren ook altijd maximaal 3 km haha!

  4. Heb mij ook den Tshirt gekocht van hp :D? Zalig om in te slapen ;-)!


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