28.08: a day in Disneyland Paris

August 29, 2014

Around Christmas, I got my hands on a couple of Disneyland tickets. This was the last week I could use them so ofcourse I had to go. A friend and I left wednesday evening, we stayed in a hotel/motel so we had only a 15 minutes ride to go yesterday morning to the wonderful world of Disney. I forgot to take pictures most of the time but I do have a couple I wanted to share.

We started in the Studios park since there aren't so much rides we wanted to do there. We started our morning with the Tower of Terror, which sure woke us up.

We got fast passes for the Rock 'n Roller coaster and went to eat something (too bad the food in Disneyland is so expensive). We wanted to do the new Ratatouille ride too but the line was insane. At 11 in the morning you couldn't get a fastpass anymore (they were 'sold out') and the line was more than two hours so we decided to skip it.

After a little bit of shopping, we made our way to the Disneyland park. I had to take a picture with the Sleeping Beauty castle ofcourse. And yes, I totally had to buy Minnie-ears.

I didn't make a lot of pictures besides this but we started on the Space Mountain, which is one of my alltime favorites. We also did Indiana Jones and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. The latter was the first time I did this and it's pretty awesome.

One of my favorite attraction is Peter Pan's flight. When we got to the park we wanted to take fastpasses but they were gone already and the line was 90 minutes. We decided to focus on something else since I had seen it before. When we were walking, a couple walked up to us and asked if we wanted some fastpasses because they were leaving the park. We took and thanked them and we looked and it were freaking Peter Pan passes! I was so happy haha. We ended our day with the Pirates ride and started our trip home.

This is what I bought. I love vinylmations and I had a fun time picking them out. The coin is something I didn't know existed, you can just get it from a machine for €2 and I really like it. And the Minnie ears are definitely going to get used in the future!

(PS: sorry for the iphonepictures and my dirty nails)


  1. hihi die oortjes zijn demax!

  2. Hahahaha, die foto met je oren en het kasteel op de achtergrond is super!

  3. Oeeeh leuk, ik wil zo graag nog eens naar Disneyland. De laatste keer dat ik er was beklaagde ik het me dat ik geen zo'n oortjes gekocht had (ik had wel een minnie mouse achtig rood kleedje aan, haha!)

  4. ik ga er super graag naar toe! Daar voel je je nog steeds een kind, haha!


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