Birthday wishlist

September 28, 2014

It's my birthday tomorrow! I have to say, it's the first year I'm not really looking forward to it. I still have to get used to 18 and I'm already turning 21! As usual, I'm making a wishlist. It's a little late but that doesn't matter, it's not actually want I want to get (that would be excessive), just everything on my wishlist at the moment. What's on yours?

1. AM - Arctic Monkeys vinyl. I recently bought a Crosley Cruiser and I'd like to collect some of my favorite albums on vinyl.
2. Timberland sandals, these look so comfortable and decent enough to walk a couple of miles with.
3. An iPhone 5s gold because my 4s is at it's end.

4. I really want a gopro for action and underwater shots.
5. And if you get a gopro, you need a selfiestick.
6. Some nice work out shorts, preferably by Nike. (I already treated myself to these.)

7. This gorgeous coffee table.
8. I'm looking for an easy carryon bag and I love the Freitag bags.
9. Frends headphones. These look spectacular.

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  1. Nog een late gelukkige verjaardag! Leuke wishlist trouwens, die Frends-hoofdtelefoon staat ook op de mijne!


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