My Life in Pictures #10

September 14, 2014

I'm here with the second part of my catch-up. I have a couple of posts planned for the coming week as well. I finally feel like I'm comfortable again. Life is looking good at the moment!

(PS: does someone know where you can see the date you took a picture on instagram?)

Another view from my trip to Spain at the start of August. I don't know why but I didn't expect the area to be so beautiful. - The hotel had a litter of 5 almost-grown kitties running around and they were the cutest.

Someone from my diving club has a house there and this is his view, breathtaking. - My cats like climbing in the dryer when it's done.

The views I enjoy most are those with water nearby. - I had some fun with Oldbooth.

I treated myself to a vinyl player and my first vinyl (Arctic Monkeys). - I made mini donuts, don't they look gorgeous? (They were, too.)

I could probably ask a lot of money for my drawings. - First rainbow I've seen in a while.

My Disneyland essentials! Okay, I didn't really bring a vinylmation but it looked good for the picture. - One of my favorite pictures, like, ever.

Fun photo-opp in the studios park. - I'm trying to learn how to skate. With lots of bruises!

He can be really sweet when he wants to. - I felt like editing this picture. Kind of liked it with those rocks.

And I bought my own skateboard too! - Australia is coming near, only two more months!


  1. Amai ja, Australië komt inderdaad dichtbij. Je gaat de tijd van je leven hebben! Die foto met de Spaanse poezen is super :-).

  2. I'm thinking if you go to your instagram web page for your photos, it gives the date. Those heart shaped sunglasses are amazing. I'm so sad, I lost mine this year while riding my bike I think. Oh and maybe you could open an Etsy shop for your drawings. hehehe :P


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