My life in pictures #9

September 07, 2014

Wow guys, it has been so long since I made a MLIP. I'm hopelessly behind so I'm going to split it because I still want it 'saved' here on my blog. This will be 'till the end of july and the post that will be up in a couple of days will be august and september. By the way, you can follow me on instagram here.

17.06 I pretended I found a fourleaf clover. It's actually a plant that always had four leafs. But can you really tell the difference? | 20.06 I made some treats for my diving buddies. Chocolate covered strawberries, watermelon, fruit sates and sangria.

21.06 This was a picture I took with room for thought (awesome app) and I kind of likes it. | 24.06 Captured while geocaching.

28.06 I was on a dirty patch of land and the only thing there was this beautiful sunflower, ripped off. Such vibrant colours! | 29.06 I went to graspop again. Definitely my favorite festival so far.

06.07 June and july were the months of supporting our Red Devils. I've never been into football but it's kind of fun if you can watch it with some friends. | 14.07 My dad's favorite dish: Belgian mussels.

17.07 I sold my dslr and bought this pretty baby. I never took my camera anywhere because it's so big but that's not a problem anymore. | 17.07 Outfit of the day, I went for a slight 90's vibe.

20.07 I took a superspontaneous trip to Dour.  | 26.07 I always feel so fancy with some curls and some jewels.

30.07 I always buy snapple if I see/visit an America Today store. | 01.08 I went to Malaga, Spain for a couple of days and our hotel had the most awesome location ever. On top of a hill with a 360° view.


  1. Leuke foto's! Die snapple heb ik nog nooit geprobeerd :) eens de america today binnenspringen ;)

  2. Love these snapshots! Chocolate covered strawberries are my fave dessert to make. :)


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