My Life in Pictures #11

November 23, 2014

Another round of MLIP! These are some older pictures already (I'm currently in the sunny Australia) but I still want to share them.

23/09: I'm always trying to make pad thai either with chicken or shrimp), my favorite Thai dish. This is the closest I've come so far.- 25/09: Car selfie.

27/09: I like to add old stamps when I send a letter or postcard.- 01/10: It was my birthday in September and my father surprised me with this awesome buffet. My family came over and it was really fun.

03/10: I said goodbye to my sweet baby. I had this iphone 4 for 2 years and it served me well, It actually still worked but it was losing it's power. It survived two broken toilets and being flushed down the toilet once, - 05/10: This was an outfit in October, surprising Belgian weather (it's usually so cold by then.)

05/10: My uncle gave me this coke for my birthday, loved it! - 10/10: Flashback to the previous autumn.

14/10: This guy is a demolisher. - 16/10: Bought my fourth pair of black all stars already.

18/10: Tired but happy selfie. - 28/10: Little sausage.

31/10: Halloween! I actually just wore a skull dress but decided to add some freaky (and cliche) make-up. - 05/10: Black cat (would have fit the halloween theme well ofcourse.)

7/11: Good morning selfie! - 11/11: I decided to soak up as much fall as I could in my last week in Belgium and it didn't disappoint,

12/11: See the above.


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