You know you're in the Australian outback when...

December 03, 2014

... the nearest town is 2 hours away

... you start calling a cowboy hat a wide-brim hat

... you're on the toilet and a gecko comes crawling through your legs

... you have to add half an hour to your travelling time because you'll have to slow down for kangaroos and cows obstructing the road

... you are no longer surprised or excited when you see a kangaroo

... you look like a cooked chicken with that ridiculous tan

... you overcome your fear of spiders in about two days

... your biggest worry is how to get those goats back in their pen

... you can ride at least five different vehicles

... you're drinking milk that came out of a cow the same morning

... you get huge scratches on your ass from falling out of trees (although that might just be me)

... going on a horse ride and then stopping in the middle of nowhere for some tea is no big deal


  1. <3 die selfie met de kangoeroe! superfijne update!

  2. Hahahahaha, die selfie met die kangoeroe is inderdaad super. En je angst voor spinnen al na twee dagen voorbij? Ik denk niet dat dat bij mij ook zo zou zijn. Ik kijk al uit naar je volgende update!

  3. "... you overcome your fear of spiders in about two days" hahaha ik zou daar gewoon constant met hartkloppingen leven :')
    Die selfie met die kangoeroe is geweldig :D


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