My life in pictures #12

January 04, 2015

Happy New Year!! I hope you had fun. The first Australian MLIP is finally here. I've been loving (almost) every second of being here and especially the weather! Take a look at what I've been up to (more recent pictures will appear soon).

23/11: My first few days were spent in Sydney and ofcourse you have to see the famous landmarks while you're there. I loved seeing the Opera House in real life. - 24/11: There are a lot of art installations in Sydney and Forgotten Songs is one of my favorites so far.

28/11: After Sydney, I went on a ranch course with Outbackpackers. We went on a horse ride and had tea in the middle of the outback. - 29/11: Just a part of the shed, skulls & bones are nothing special over there.

29/11: Then I went back to Sydney for the night (after a week) and went on the Sydney Tower. - 30/11: Some more relocations: I flew to Mackay.

1/12: Then, took the bus to Clermont for my first job (through Moranbah). - 3/12: You see a ton of insects and other critters in Australia.

3/12: And I managed to take a selfie with a kangaroo! - 4/12: I'm working on a farm right now and the surroundings are crazy, everyday again.

5/12: This was before I had to help with some mustering. You actually have to wear a hat for the sun all of the time. So it wasn't just a prop ;) - 8/12: I kissed a frog but it didn't turn into a prince!

9/12: It's not work all of the time! I was watching some sweet kids most of the time and this includes taking them 'swimming'. - 10/12: Another little critter.

15/12: Mustering! One of the coolest things I've done so far. - 19/12: A little piece of a little town called Clermont.

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  1. Oh amai Dorien, ik ben keijaloers ... Het ziet er daar super uit. Nog héél veel plezier he en houd ons op de hoogte :-).


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