Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

February 27, 2015

When I was in Cairns, I finally made it happen: I went diving in the Great Barrier Reef. It has been on my bucketlist since I started diving more than a year ago and I'm so happy I got to experience it. Before the GBR, I dived in Belgium and the Netherlands and once in Spain. Spain was a colorful reef sure, but you honestly can't compare the two. Ofcourse, I don't have that much experience yet so I can't say that much about it but I can tell you about my underwateradventure.

I originally started diving with CMAS but since almost every diving company in Australia (or the rest of the world) is Padi, I decided to get my PADI advanced under water certification. I was working in Cairns and had only one day off each week so I searched for a company that could give me my certification by doing two day tours. Down Under Dive did a perfect job. When I got on the boat in the morning on the first day, we got to know our instructor (Kelvin) and he gave us a welldetailed briefing and told us what was expected of us.

I won't make it too technical because that won't be interesting for most of you, but what I liked most about my training dives was that Kelvin also integrated some games and other fun bits. We swam through a ring as dolphins and did a counting game to test our intelligence 20m below the surface.

For the second day of my advanced program, I rented a camera and was able to make some amazing pictures. Every picture in this post was taken by myself, except the one on the top which my diving buddy took of me. I had a lot of fun identifying all of the fish I saw later. Besides everything you see on these pictures, I also saw and cuddled a Napoleon fish, swam with multiple turtles, saw some reef sharks and one stingray.

As you can imagine, I really want to discover more of this beautiful reef and I hope I'll still have the chance later on. But for now, I'm already so glad that I got to experience at least one small part of it.

(I dived in the Norman and North Hastings reef and got there with Down Under Dive, based in Cairns)


  1. Oh, this is amazing! Too amazing for words. I´d love to do this too once in my life. It´s wonderful that you just are able to swim through all those colours you saw in movies (finding nemo, haha) in real life!

  2. Miljaar zeg! Als ik nog niet jaloers was bij de vorige post, ben ik het nu wel. Geniet van je tijd daar!

  3. Mijn god wat zalig! De foto's zijn al zo fantastisch en ik weet gewoon dat de echte ervaring alleen maar 1000x beter geweest kan zijn. Ik kan nu eens echt niets van duiken, maar het lijkt me zo leuk ls je het kan (en durft, want ik niet!) :-) xo

  4. Oh wow! De oceaan kan toch echt prachtig zijn he!! En duiken is echt cool! Maar ik vind het zo zo eng!

    Hihi ben hier trouwens echt op reis aan het gaan in m'n gedachten via je posts :p Perfecte start van een maandag.

    x Aurélie


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