My life in pictures #13

February 20, 2015

Yes, I am still alive! I survived 3 months in Australia already without getting stung, bit or eaten. (Well, if you don't count mosquitos.) I think that's quite an accomplishment! Keep reading if you would like to know what I've been up to for the last 2 months. By the way, you can follow me on instagram here.

20/12: Just a selfie, to praise the fabulous weather in Mackay and my new playsuit and necklace. 22/12: I got myself a cheap car (which I got rid of again two weeks later), it was quite the experience driving on the left side of the road.

22/12: I drove the car from Mackay to Airlie Beach where I stayed in an awesome hostel called Backpackers by the bay. These fellas visited every day. 24/12: Beautiful view, right next to the lagoon in Airlie Beach.

25/12: This is the first Christmas that I spent outside of Belgium and on a beach for that matter. 28/12: I did a sailing trip to the Whitsundays with the Derwent Hunter.

29/12: Together with some friends I met in the hostel, we drove to Hydeaway Bay. I think this is by far the best beach I've been to in Australia. 01/01: My last sunset in Airlie Beach.

02/01: My mom sent me this ridiculously cute picture of my cat watching tv. 04/01: I developed a kind of fish and chips addiction since I've been travelling along the coast.

13/01: Before my first dive in the Great Barrier Reef. 15/01: I had two jobs in Cairns, one was working at the reception of a hostel so I could have free accommodation and the other one was working in an icecreamshop. These were both of my views.

16/01: Another selfie to praise the weather. I should stop doing this. 22/01: Delicious and cheap pancakes.

23/01: The second day I went diving, I did some fish identification. It was really fun doing this underwater. 28/01: My diving buddy took an awesome picture of me, even if I say so myself.

02/02: Before I went to work in the morning, I liked to admire the view for a bit. 03/02: I was going through my pictures of the Great Barrier Reef and saw this. I had to laugh so hard!

04/02: I was craving this dinosaur donut for so long when I finally bought it! 05/02: I took a little trip to Palm Cove.

07/02: Some more fish and chips from Frydays in Cairns. 08/02: A typical view in Australia. You have a nice beach, a very tempting ocean on a hot day and then these signs everywhere.

10/02: I treated myself to these vibrant hotpink Nike roshes. 11/02: I went out a couple of times in Cairns and this was one popular outfit. I would never wear this at home but over here it felt kind of normal.

13/02: It was really bad weather the last days I was in Cairns. Oh and Cairns is full of bats, it's absolutely ridiculous. 14/02: And it was time to move on again! On the plane to Melbourne.


  1. You're living the life girl! Ge ziet er zo goed en happy uit!

  2. Za-lig! Veel plezier nog :D Ik wou dat ik mee was want je foto's zijn zo leuk!

  3. Amaaaaaai, geweldige foto's. Je hebt er een volger bij op Instagram!


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