Initial packing list for 6 months abroad

March 14, 2015

Obviously, packing is a huge part of preparing for your travels. I looked at a lot of packing lists before I left so I thought it would be useful to share mine as well. This is everything I thought I needed before leaving for 6 months. In the mean time I've been travelling for about 4 months and the contents of my backpack have changed completely so I'll do an update soon, but this is what I left Belgium with.


These are are all of the clothes I took with me. Not pictured are the clothes I was wearing: jeans, a shirt and a sweater.

- 5 tanktops
- 3 normal shirts
- 2 shirts with 3/4 sleeves

- 2 long pants
- 1 cardigan
- 1 dress
- 2 shorts

- 3 bras
- 1 sportsbra
- 7 pairs of underwear
- 3 pairs of socks
- 1 pair of running shorts
- 1 pajama top and 1 pajama bottoms

- 1 bikini
- 1 tangle teezer
- 1 plastic bag

- 1 canvas bag
- 1 pair of slippers
- 1 pair of sandals
- 1 pair of all stars (worn on my travel days)


I bought a really useful toiletry bag from Eagle Creek and below you can see what's in it.

Pink little bag:
- medicine; painkillers, something for stomach aches, something for allergies
- hair ties
- monthly contacts
- daily contacts
- cotton pads
- female hygiene stuf

- sunscreen and aftersun
- extra pair of glasses
- headlight
- insect repellent
- toothpaste
- solid shampoo
- deodorant
- nail file, scissors, tweezers


Everything you've seen so far fits in my main backpack, these are the last bits and pieces that I put in there.

- rope; this was kind of a joke, I probably won't ever use it but a friend gave it to me as part of a 'survival kit' so I'm just bringing it with me anyway
- ziplock bags
- the survival kit as said above
- belt
- sleeping bag liner
- quickdry towel

I took a smaller backpack with me as well that contains my electronics and that I can use as a daypack. Inside I organized everything in different bags.

- mini laptop/tablet
- pink bag with all of my chargers and hard drive
- brown bag with my camera
- black bag with a few make-up items, extra medicine, lipbalm and a whistle
- clear bag for liquids; perfume, hand sanitizer, toner, sunscreen, moisturizer, toothpaste

- water bottle
- pencil case
- sunglasses
- earplugs
- usb stick (the little doggie)
- universal charger
- toothbrush
- diving logbook

And finally, my purse. It's small but really sturdy and the perfect size to take out everyday. It's small enough to fit in my daypack as well if I don't want to carry it.

- little book to use as a travel journal
- kindle
- wallet (I changed this one to another wallet before I left)
- passport and international driving license

Are you still with me after all of this? I already know what I did wrong while packing because I've been on the road for a while now but as I said, I'll let you know soon. Do you think you could go six months with this amount of stuff?


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