My life in pictures #14

March 21, 2015

More pictures from the awesome Australia coming up! I took an awesome roadtrip, including the Great Ocean Road and have loads of pretty pictures. What have you been up to lately?

You have a few lunaparks throughout Australia, this is the entrance of the one in St. Kilda near Melbourne. | Melbourne skyline

I went on the Eureka skydeck in Melbourne which gives you this amazing view. | And more of Melbourne.

I took the most amazing roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road and this is one of the views along the way at Port Campbell. | This is the Split lighthouse which some of you may know from the series Around the Twist!

Someone forgot an iphone somewhere... | Pandas for the Chinese New Year! These were really big by the way, the biggest one taller than me.

A view from Philip Island, with the ocean visible on the horizon. | I tried to kiss a kangaroo, he wasn't keen.

Murrays lookout. | And ofcourse, the most famous view from the Great Ocean Road: the Twelve Apostles.

I saw a very pretty sunrise from this pier. | Sometimes you need a breakfast like this.

After Melbourne, I continued on to Canberra. It's the capital of Australia but there's not really much to see except the National War Memorial. | A wall of poppies in said memorial.

Sometimes you just want to spend the day on the beach. | Did you know the emu is one of the two national animals in Australia? (As in, it's on the weaponshield, together with a kangaroo.)

And then I ended up back in Sydney. The opera house was worth a second visit. | I visited the Taronga Zoo and this guy was posing all day long.

When you take the ferry to Manly (or the zoo, or Bondi), you get to enjoy this view. | These guys are literally everywhere.

My only selfie this time around! I was really tired but so so happy to be seeing all of these wonderful things. | In Belgium, I always kinda hated seagulls because they were so noisy and going around in such big groups. But I'm kind of starting to like them here.


  1. Zalige foto's! :D Ohmygod hoe kan je nu je iPhone vergeten :')

  2. En onze lunaparken liggen dan altijd in verloederde stationsbuurten! Super mooie foto's alweer. Ik krijg wel al een beetje hoogtevrees van naar de foto's vanaf het skydeck te kijken ;) xo


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