Bungeejump in Cairns

April 15, 2015

It has been on my bucketlist for quite a while and about a week ago, I finally had the perfect opportunity. I was ready to leave Cairns and start travelling again so what better way to say goodbye than doing something fun and exciting? I asked a friend to join me and got on my way to the AJ Hackett bungeejump site in Cairns.

I had to climb a hell of a lot of stairs and then I had to wait on the platform untill it was my go. I saw two people jumping before me and it seemed so much fun! Even though it was 'only' from 50m, it seems pretty freaking high when you're standing at the edge, ready to jump. I finally made the plunge (actually, I pretty much fell/got pushed off instead of jumped) and it was one of the most exciting feelings ever! The amount of adrenaline you experience is astounding.

Before and after my jump (yes, I got 'dipped' in the water)

I'm really happy I made it happen and I can't wait to do one from a little higher. How amazing would it be to do the highest bungeejump in the world? Right now, the hightest one is the one in Macau which is 233 metres. Would you do it? Have you already done a bungeejump?


  1. Amai woooow! Zou ik nooit durven :d *hoogtevrees*

  2. Haha zalig dat je in het water bent gedipt :p Zelf ook gedaan aan de grens tussen Zambia/Zimbabwe. Meteen voor de hoogste. Conclusie: nooit meer :p

    x Aurélie

  3. You are brave haha… I would never do that!


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