My Life in Pictures #15

April 09, 2015

A few weeks have passed again so it's time for another life in pictures. Again, they take place in Australia and lately I've started travelling again, through some amazing places. What have you been up to the last couple of weeks?

Cairns has the biggest collection of bats I have ever seen. Every tree is practically full of them and every once in a while, you come across a dead one. They're quite handsome creatures actually. | I sent a picture to the Belgian magazine Flair and they published it!

The library in Cairns on a perfect day. | I went to the zoo on top of the casino in Cairns, it's really small but you can basically touch all of the animals or they just come to you theirselves, like this parrot.

Palmtrees everywhere. | A delicious smoothie as lunch.

Another creature from the zoo in Cairns, I could get in for 5 days with my ticket and I went back once. | I miss my own little friend really hard though, he's the cutest of them all.

Every zoo or park has koalas ofcourse, they are so beautiful. | A rainy evening was spent in a car with some friends and Bob Marley made an appearance as well.

Another bat, this one was still a baby. | Twinkly lights on an evening stroll through Cairns.

I did a bungeejump! This was the before and after. | Through the air.

I spent a day in the Daintree rainforest and everything is so pretty. | I went to Cape Tribulation as well, the only place where the rainforest touches the Great Barrier Reef. How amazing does this look?

I can't leave Australia without having cuddled a koala, right? | Some more rainforest.

At one of the gasstations my bus stopped at, I saw this huge kangaroo, called Matilda. | This is by far one of my favorite pictures. It's taken on Fraser Island and it shows off both incredible nature and my new worldmap tattoo.

We discovered Fraser Island in a 4x4 and it was such a cool experience. | We climbed rocks at Indian Head to get to this amazing lookout.

The last part of the climb to Indian Head. | This a picture from Ellen and Mikael in Eli Creek. Such clear water everywhere!


  1. It looks amazing! I love the pictures of the bats.. I always hear them around my house but rarely see them. I can't believe how clear that water is.

  2. Omg die bungeejump, ik zou het niet durven amai :D Toffe foto's!

  3. Great pictures. That bungeejump picture is amazing. I wish I had the courage to do it lol


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