Hema 3-in-1 phone lens + giveaway

August 29, 2015

normal - wide angle - fisheye

When I was in Hema the last time, I spotted this amazingly cheap package of phone lenses. I'm reviewing this with my iPhone but they should fit on practically every phone. The package comes with everything you need to apply on your phone. There are three lenses inside; a macro lens, a wide angle lens and a fisheye lens. The macro and wide angle lens are two in one, you can't use the wide one without the macro one.

 normal (can't focus this close) - macro

I think they work pretty damn well! The only downside is that your pictures lose a bit of colour. But that's nothing a bit of editing can't fix! I think these pictures will speak for themselves. There's not really much I can say about them. I think the fisheye lens will be really fun for parties and the wide lens if perfect for citytripping. And the best thing about all of this? It costs 5 euros!

If you'd like one of these for free, enter below! I'll pick a winner next Saturday.
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  1. Heel leuk effect geven deze lenzen! Ik doe graag mee met je give away. Ben benieuwd wat voor leuke foto's er dan mee gemaakt kunnen worden.

  2. Nice! Ik doe mee, ben benieuwd of de lenzen goed blijven plakken aan mijn gsm!


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