August 17, 2015

© Everyday I start my morning with a little round on the internet. Fixed stop is always the photo of the day of National Geographic. And then a round of daydreaming can begin.

© Oh god, isn't this the cutest? I'm looking forward to seeing the first hedgehog this year. That always tends to happen around october.

© I've been loving Merels blog lately, she always has the best outfits.

© Painfully accurate indeed.

© This is the most crazy story I've read in a while. Apart from the stealing, I truly admire this guy. I don't think many people would be able to live like this without losing their mind.

© I want someone to send a tiny package to!

© I already knew rats were smart but these little guys can do some amazing things.

© It's a little US-oriented but I'm sure you'll recognize a few of these.

© This guy has the best collection in the world. It's obviously really excessive and unnecessary but I love how passionate he is.


  1. aah ik zag laatst ook een foto van een kat met allemaal baby egeltjes. zo schattig!

  2. Hahaha, die McDonalds curve. Tja... Ik vind Merels blog ook tof! :)

  3. Awwh, wauw, wat lief :) Wat heb je een leuke blog trouwens, je hebt er weer een volger bij!

  4. Merel haar blog is inderdaad superleuk :D Haha dat van de mcdo!

  5. erg leuke post! Prachtig jurkje. En die mac curve :') wauw hahaha


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