August 12, 2015

Well, this has been a while since I've updated! Let's catch up on these last months in pictures. I'm jumping back to April for the first ones and I'm ending in August. How the heck did it become August all of a sudden, right? By the way,  you can always follow me on instagram to keep up to date. Leave me your instagram in the comments!

My second to last stop was in Byron Bay. I loved this mural. | And my last stop was at the Blue Mountains, these are the Katoomba Falls.

One last fabulous picture before I left. | The famous three sisters.

When I got back from Australia, I tried to do as much as possible to keep busy. I went boating with a friend in the Netherlands. | Found a nice lookout in my hometown.

And also took another trip, to Sweden! Both pictures are taken there, I might do a seperate post about it soon.

In June I spent another weekend in the Netherlands with my diving club. | And I had to take loads of selfies as well. This is the first one.

A few friends and I went to Pairi Daiza where we took loads of cool jellyfishpictures. | There was a musicevent with a Rockabilly dresscode, this was my look.

There was a photobooth on said event which we made good use of. | I visited Dour festival. Awesome five days!

I went to the Gentse Feesten as well. | And on the 24th of July I left for a surfing trip in France.

We went to Biarritz for a day.

I upgraded to an iPhone 6. | My dad and I went treasurehunting in a previous hoardershome.

Last selfie of the bunch. | This is my grandma's new kitten, she's a devil and a cutie all in one.

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  1. Treasurehunten! Zalig! Zijn die koppen daarboven nu plantenbakken? Zou AWESOME zijn!! Toffe foto's, jij hebt duidelijk niet stilgezeten de afgelopen maanden. En yep, het jaar vliegt echt voorbij precies!


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