August 15, 2015
Lingerie 1

Usually people don't really write about underwear. It's pretty common to share your wishlist with a friend maybe, but with the whole world wide web? I don't think it really matters. It's not like you're actually seeing pictures of me in said underwear (even though I would totally post those too if they looked awesome). These days I'm obsessed with soft, wireless bras and if I would buy anything at the moment, it would be this style. I am going to buy the ones from monki by the way, they're too cheap to let go. If you want to know the brands or prices, click on the picture!

Lingerie 2

A few friends of mine don't like wearing those soft bras because they don't feel comfortable wearing something without shape or with little coverage, for example if you're cold (we all know what I mean). Would you care?


  1. I absolutely adore underwear and lingerie, and could talk about them for hours! It's sometimes hard to find my size in most stores (and for decent prices), though. ;.; As for without shape / coverage, I have found that lighter coverage is actually MUCH more comfortable for me, and with the kind of shirts I wear, isn't even an issue! I'm mainly a t-shirt girl, unless it's super cold and than I wear a cute button up... Which actually has it's own issues. ;.; I'd love a nice reduction, but oh well, I DO love what I have, haha.

  2. ik hou ook van zachte bh's, de enige moment dat ik zou opteren voor voorgevormd is onder heel dun jersey, of op kantoor. In mijn privé leven vind ik wat nipple niet erg, maar op kantoor liever niet :D


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